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Trout Recipes







Broiled Steelhead Trout Basted with Beer

Trout fillets
Bacon chips
Assorted Veggies
Samuel Adams Cream Stout Beer
Sea Salt/Pepper
Juice of four limes
Mushroom sauce
Diced celery,
Fine carrots
More dill.

Fillet steelhead -  Lay slabs onto broiling pan Cover with onions Dice with bacon chips Lace with assorted Veggies Baste with Samuel Adams Cream Stout Beer (Nothing else will do) Sprinkle with Dill, A touch of Ginger, Sea Salt/Pepper When halfway done, squeeze four full limes onto fish. Continue to broil.

When done to a golden brown, pour on mushroom sauce with diced celery, fine carrots, and seasonings that include more dill.



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